Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Debate over socialized HealthCare in the US

Let’s put emotion aside. First in no way am I suggesting or even implying that US servicemen and woman should loose their Health Care coverage. But this coverage does not end with termination of service. They are entitled to coverage until they are 65 and Medicaid takes over. All though it is money well spent, health care for discharged soldiers is still at the tax payers expense. Secondly congressmen and Senators only have to be elected to a single term and they get coverage for life. Nice perk that they voted for themselves paid for by the US tax payer. The point is that we already have a form of socialized health care in the US for a segment of our population. Also we are not talking about free clinics or free anything. The US tax payer still has to pay for this medical coverage just like we pay now.

Under the current system usually those with health care coverage get their insurance via their employer. The Employer spends 15% of their annual revenue on this health care coverage. That’s 15% that can go either into the employee’s paycheck, R&D, Marketing, Re Tooling etc…Companies around the world don’t have this financial burden, there by making US companies less competitive. The worker also has to pay his share of his pre taxed income to words his health care. Just like the companies share this is increasing as well. Allowing less and less money to be spent on other things, like homes, cars, plasma TV’s, the stuff that drives our economy.

Also this healthcare coverage only lasts as long as your employment or as long as you are making your weekly contributions to the plan. If you have a heart attack, a stroke, something that requires a longer re cooperating time then you have in PTO, or sick leave and if your company does not have short term or long term disability then your coverage ends with your paycheck. Which means you have bills, money that you can no longer spend on Home, Cars, Plasma TV, etc, again the things that drive our economy.

There are other considerations, having to work for a company because it provides medical coverage instead of going out on your own and starting your own business, stifles the economy by limiting job and revenue creation. The burden the US Tax Payer already shares because we already pay for the uninsured. Men and woman having to file for medical bankruptcy is increasing, ruining credit which means less money to spend on homes, cars, plasma TV’s etc… Hospitals that are eating the cost because the un insured go to the ER and can not pay. Just like with shoplifters we pay a higher cost for services to cover the loss.

The current systems may cost us less in the short term, like financing short term debt over a longer period of time at a higher interest rate. However in the long run, it is bankrupting our Nation, making companies less competitive in the global market, and stifling creativity and economic growth. The current system is broken and needs to be replaced. I believe that every American should have the same health care as Dick Chenney, and members of congress. To say that we can not afford the healthcare of our citizens is to say we can not afford to be a nation in an every increasing competitive world.

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