Monday, November 3, 2008

Decision 08

It is just one day before the election and I have finally made my decision. I am voting for Barrack Obama. That’s right I said it, Barrack Hussein Obama. I am not a socialist, communist, Muslim, self hating white man ridden with guilt, or anti American. What I am is fed up. I am tired of the negative, fear mongering divisiveness, that has infected the American Political system.

I want to address a few of the many insane arguments I have heard McCain supporters vomit out with their incessant rants.

1. If Barrack Obama is elected president he will change the constitution.
My question is how? The constitution can be changed, and has been amended a total of 17 times since the first 10 amendments where ratified. There are two ways to change the constitution both ways do not involve the executive branch of the government or rely solely on the discretion of just one man.
Method 1. Congress must pass a resolution to amend the constitution by a two thirds majority vote. After this resolution passes, it is sent to the individual states for ratification. Three fourths of the state’s must vote in favor in order for the amendment to be ratified.
Method 2. The legislatures of two-thirds of the states vote to call for a convention at which constitutional amendments can be proposed. Amendments proposed by the convention would again require ratification by the legislatures of three-fourths of the states.

2. If Barrack Obama is elected president it will mean the death of the state of Israel.

I’m sure, that the Israeli’s and God will disagree with that statement. As if to say that somehow the Israeli’s will just pack up their toys and leave the sand box of the middle east. How can the president of the United States break the covenant that God made to the children of Israel?

3. McCain and his supporters have implied that if you do not vote for him, you are not a real American.

How can exercising my American right to vote for the candidate of my choice some how nullify my right to be called a American?

4.McCain supporters make the claim that Barrack Obama is a undercover muslim and somehow he will surrender us to Al Quida.

This is almost to dumb for comment. I’m sure that the brave men and woman serving in the US armed forces will have something to say about that. And lets not forget that it is the senate and not the president that approves all treaties.

5. Barrack Obama was not born in the US so he can not become president.

This one is even more insane then the one above. To think that Hillary Clinton would not have challenged the place of his birth during the primary. Or to say that John McCain’s people are two incompetent to have him disqualified before the election. Does not say much for Hillary Clinton or John McCain. A frivolous lawsuit filed in Federal Court. That will not be heard until after the election. Is not proof that he was not born in the great state Hawaii. To say that the case must go through the process shows a total lack of understanding of court procedures. A motion for preliminary judgment can be filed. The same motions that both the Republican and Democratic comities filed in state and federal courts. When the Florida election was challenge. In a matter of days their motions were not only heard in state and federal court, but also they were heard by the Supreme Court of Florida, and the Highest court in the land. The United States Supreme Court. If he wasn’t born in the USA, then the time to prove this is before the election not after.

6. If you vote for Barrack Obama you are not a Christian, because he supports abortion.

This implies that if John McCain is elected president, he will some how, either reverse the Supreme Court decision on Row Vs Wade, or change the constitution to include a Abortion Ban Amendment. Since he can do neither, John McCain will have to enforce the law of the land. No matter how horrific, the law states that abortion is legal. Since no matter who is elected president abortion will still be legal it begs the question. How does voting one way or the other make me a Christian or not? If the Devil himself was to run for president on a anti abortion platform should I as a Christians vote for him?

7. If the liberals are elected this will mean the destruction of the United States of America.

All I can say, I do not live in fear. In the 200+ years this great country of ours has existed. There have been liberals, and conservatives in power. We survived them, we will survive this. No one man can destroy the United States of America.

We have faced hard times in the past and we will face hard times in the future. We overcame the hard times in the past not with division but with unity. We will only overcome any hard times in the future with that same unity. So this is the reason why I am voting for Barrack Obama. I am a American and I vote against division, and fear.


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